Open Call for Critical Writers:

Applications are currently being accepting for Critical Writers. Four writers will be selected and partnered with the four artist-theorists. Beginning in April, 2013, writers will engage with the artist-theorists through interviews, sitting in on rehearsals, and other methods in addition to experiencing the final performances and project realizations. In September 2013 at the public conference, writers will moderate panels regarding each project in addition to presenting and publishing their own critical texts.
Refer to for more information about the conference and the four artist-theorists
E-mail a single document to by March 25 that includes:
1.) A statement of interest 
2.) A writing sample of 1-2 pages (self-contained or an excerpt from a longer text)
3.) Your physical location and availability between March and September, 2013
4.) A short biography 
Critical Writers receive gazette-style and online publication, and are featured presenters and moderators at the conference. If you are outside the NYC area, housing here will be provided though we cannot offer travel or other expense reimbursement.
Please contact us with any questions.


Applicants need not be artists or performers, nor have experience with creating performance, but may also be historians, philosophers, cultural critics, activists, scientists, or thinkers in any discipline. Similarly, theories need not be specifically theories of performance, but can be theoretical positions dealing with any aspect of time, space, causality, communication, morality, mind, body, society, being, aesthetics, politics, arts, sciences, knowledge or other major theoretical concerns that can be activated in the situation of performance. Successful applicants will propose the active mode, form, or medium of their theory, instead of simply describing their theory in a theatrical style. It is expected that given conditions of performance (not limited to venue, audience, authorship, shared temporality, etc.) will be utilized or subverted in order to instantiate a theoretical position.

Prospective theorists/performance-makers should request the materials and resources they need to develop and perform their project, and be as specific as possible in describing their intended project. Applicants must be available during the times specified in the timeline.

Four proposals will be chosen by a small interdisciplinary panel of jurors based on cohesion of vision and feasibility.

To apply, please follow the instructions below. The deadline is August 15, 2012.


1. On the top of the first page, please include the following information: Name, Address, E-mail, Phone number, Website (if applicable)

2. Please send a proposal (less than 2 pages) for a theoretical performance. Please be as specific as possible. Proposal guidelines are purposefully vague in order to allow for a multiplicity of approaches.

3. In a separate paragraph, please attempt to foresee technical requirements, spatial/architectural needs, and other anticipated necessary materials for your proposed project.

Please email your proposal as an attachment, along with a CV, resume, or narrative biography (up to 500 words).

Both individuals and groups are welcome to apply. Send your application to no later than August 15, 2012.

 The form of this conference is unusual, and it seeks to engage an interdisciplinary community of thinkers. Therefore, you may have questions about one or more aspects of the conference or the call for proposals. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us with your questions, requests for clarification, or comments.


3 Responses to “Open Calls”

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  3. The proposal seems quite interesting. I have many friends who are interested in theatre and activities like this. Would forward the link to them!

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