We are tremendously excited to embark on PART II of Theorems, Proofs, Rebuttals, and Propositions: A Conference of Theoretical Theater. The power of the theorizing performed by each of the plenary artist-theorists and the participation and attention performed by all of the participants have been “transformative” in a plethora of ways.

We now have the opportunity to continue to theorize using the process and practices of performance to variously split, reinforce, explicate, re-design, represent, rebut, and reify any theories developed by PART I. These presentations will occur at Glasshouse (246 Union Avenue) over the course of two days, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, and FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13.


Thursday, September 12

7: Samita Sinha: Responding to Amapola Prada and Mike Taylor

7:25: Amalia Mathewson: Responding to Amapola Prada

7:50  Karen Schiff: Responding to Mike Taylor

8:15: Gelsey Bell: 12 OBSERVATIONS, 7 ADDITIONS, 2 QUESTIONS, 1 DESIRE (Responding across plenary presentations)

8:40: Anya Liftig: Responding to Kikuko Tanaka

9:05: Gavin Kroeber: Responding to Mike Taylor

9:30: Dhira Rauch: Praxis and its Discontents and Revolving Complicities in Time Based Art. Responding to Amapola Prada and Kikuko Tanaka

9:55: Laylage Courie: Responding to Mike Taylor

10:20: Igor RodriguezPresentation on Logos Responding to Reality Research Center

10:45 Chloe Bass: Responding to Kikuko Tanaka

11:05-11:30: wrap-up discussion and clean-up



7-8pm Erin Mee: (durational) In response to Reality Research Center, I have installed several activities around the presentation room to be done solo or in small groups as you wish. I invite you to join me.

7: Shawn Chua: Responding to Reality Research Center

7:25: Cat Tyc: Responding to Kikuko Tanaka

7:50: Valerie Kuehne: Responding to Kikuko Tanaka

8:15: Julia Lee Barclay-Morton: Responding to conference at large

8:40: Nik Wakefield

<break, 10 minutes>

9:15: Sarah Butler: Agreement  Responding to conference at large

9:40: Howard Pflanzer: FEAST: LINE-UP (Responding to Amapaola Prada) Response developed in collaboration with Renee Conly and performed by Renee Hermiz

10:05: Kikuko Tanaka: Responding across plenarists 

10:30: Michael DiPietro: Responding across plenarists

10:50 Lorene Bouboushian: Responding to Amapola Prada

11:20pm-all hours of the night: Closing Party at PPL, down the street




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